Exhibitor Information

  • Each space will come with 8' pipe and drape, 2 - 3' side rails, 2 Badges, Wastebasket and an ID sign

  • Each space will come with 8' pipe and drape, 2 - 3' side rails, 2 Badges, Wastebasket and an ID sign

  • Each space will come with 8' pipe and drape, 2 - 3' side rails, 4 Badges, Wastebasket and an ID sign

  • Each space will come with 8' pipe and drape, 2 - 3' side rails, 4 Badges, Wastebasket and an ID sign

  • Ad to be placed in Show Program Guide Book and includes Event Email Blast to over 25,000 Subscribers


Please read and agree to all before submitting your application.  By your clicking Submit, you are in agreement to all.  

1.  Vendor/Artist agrees to comply with all the rules and guidelines set forth by Fredericksburg Convention Center.

2.  Vendor/Artist understands that removal from the event is at the discretion of the event organizers and all deposits and or payments will be forfeited.

3.  The Vendor/Artist agrees to comply and follow all sterilization standards set forth by the state of Virginia and City of Fredericksburg health licensing requirements.

The artist(s)/vendor(s), if tattooing on premises, must agree to use single-use needles and inks; use certified sharps containers to dispose of used needles.  They must follow recognized professional tattooing standards, and maintain a clean workstation. This includes properly bagging contaminated waste each day for removal and policing the booth area before final departure for any tattooing product or materials.

Vendor agree to comply and follow all sterilization standards and regulations set forth by the DPOR of Virginia. Including obtaining a VA out of state temp license from DPOR of Virginia. Website: www.dpor.virginia.gov 

4. The Vendor/Artist if Tattooing on premises, agrees to:

  • Use single-use needles and inks only.
  • Use certified Sharps container to dispose of used needles and razors.
  • Follow recognized professional tattooing standards and maintain a clean workspace.
  • Every fresh tattoo must be bandaged.
  • Properly disposing or bagging of contaminated waste each day for removal.
  • Checking the booth area for any tattooing product or materials before leaving booth. Your area must be completely clean
  • Wipe down your area with Disinfectant (including work tables & chairs)


5.  No one under the age of 18 will be tattooed.  All people receiving tattoo(s) must have filled out the provided digital or paper release form with a copy of a valid picture I.D. attached.  

6. Vendors must be in place and ready for service (30) thirty minutes prior to doors opening.  If you arrive late, you MAY not be allowed to set-up and will not be issued a refund.  Local and interstate traffic conditions due to accidents and highway construction could cause delay so please plan accordingly.  

7. Events at the Fredericksburg Convention Center will be located indoors.  Events will be held rain or shine.

8. Vendors will NOT be accepted without full payment being made prior to the event.  Full payment is due 45 days prior to the event.  

9. No pets are allowed on the premises unless it is a service animal.  No outside food or drink shall be permitted - there will be access to concessions for on site consumption as well as Boxed Lunches being offered by the Fredericksburg Convention Center. 

10. Local Law Enforcement will be on-site.

11.  The Fredericksburg Convention Center does NOT allow concealed firearms into the building.

12. Fees paid for a booth rental includes vendor badges for a total of two (2) people  All additional persons much purchase, either in advance or at the expo entrance.  Vendor employees will be admitted into the show - they must have a show badge on at all times.  You must pick up your show badges when you check in at set up. 

13. During show hours all vendor vehicles must remain in the designated parking areas (side of the building).  We like to have the parking available in the front of the building to allow attendees easier access to the front doors.

14. Booths must be staffed at-all-times.

15.  Vendors are only permitted to stay within their designated space.  Approaching customers in the aisles or calling out to customers for the purpose of soliciting businesses from the booth is not permitted nor tolerated.  

16. Displays must stay assembled and product must be available until the end of the show. Please NO packing up early.  Vendors who pack up early will be ineligible for all future events.

17. A $50.00 returned check service charge will be assessed for each dishonored check the bank returns.

18. NO REFUNDS.  Failure of Artist/Vendor to meet payment deadlines makes the contract null and void.  

19.  This document constitutes your application, contract and invoice for the payment and use of exhibit space(s) for the 2024 Oak View Group LLC dba Fredericksburg Convention Center to be held at the Fredericksburg Convention Center, Fredericksburg, VA. 

20:  The event will be held July 26-28th, 2024.  The Fredericksburg Convention Center at their own discretion can either accept or refuse the application upon review.  

21.  Spaces will be assigned at the discretion of the event organizer and will try to honor applicants requests but need to make sure the overall layout of the show has a good mix and feel for the vendors and attendees.  

22.  Space assignments will be made once application is reviewed, approved and accompanied with deposit.  

23. The Selling of tattoo machines and /or tattoo equipment to the general public is expressly forbidden at the event, and is a violation of this contract. Any violation of this contract may result in immediate removal from the event by the Promoter (Fredericksburg Convention Center)

24.  Music should not be played at booths at it conflicts with the show announcements. 

25. You agree to receive email correspondence from the event organizer for this and future events. If accepted, I/We agree to abide by the Fredericksburg Convention Center rules and regulations.  

Billing Information

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  • American Express
  • Discover

Your card will not be charged. This is a pre-registration to reserve your spot until your payment is processed in the future. By completing this page, you agree that this payment information will be used to process your payment for the full amount at the proper time.

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